Business Wireless Internet
FCC Licensed High Speed Internet with speeds up to 1 Gbps.

Business High Speed Internet.

Wireless SpecialYou may ask why a business would want a FCC licensed wireless internet connection. There are several reasons including availability, economics and redundancy. Obviously if there are no other high speed options available  at your business location, wireless can allow you to stay at the same location without having to sacrifice productivity. Licensed links can often provide an extremely stable connection at a much lower monthly cost than fixed Internet.

Redundancy has become one of the driving factors for selecting wireless. Many companies have fiber or T1 lines feeding their building, but want a secondary connection in case there is an outage. Thousands of dollars in productivity can be lost when a connection fails and workers are unable to do their daily tasks. If IP phones are used it may even prevent outside communications.  

For these companies Coho can commission a FCC licensed microwave link, setup dual routers implementing BGP so there is virtually no down time if one of the connections fails.  Coho can manage all aspects of the design, installation, testing, monitoring and ongoing support of this system. Our installation team is properly licensed and insured and our CCB # is 165990.

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FCC Licensed Microwave Internet Connections

If you are serious about uptime make sure your network is designed correctly. Unlike other firms who use one router to blend the two connections to the Internet, we go the extra step and have two fully redundant Cisco routers using HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol) so if one router were to fail your connection to the Internet would continue to work. If you are using just one router you could be down for hours or even a few days while a replacement is obtained and put back in service.
Can you afford that type of downtime? If not, contact us with your specific needs are so we can quote a few different options for you.

  • FCC Licensed for a rock solid reliable connection.
  • Affordale IP transit.
  • Redundancy using BGP and dual routers with HSRP.
  • Equipment can be leased or rolled into the MRC.
  • IP Space included.
  • 60 to 90 day deployment timeframe.