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Technical Consulting Services

Wireless SpecialWhiz to Coho Inc. can support your Technical Support needs in virtually any UNIX operating system including RedHat, Solaris, IBM AIX, Linux, SuSE, Fedora, BSD, OpenServer and more. We have expertise in LAN/WAN Network Management, BGP Provisioning for Multi Carrier Networks, High-Availability Network Design, Cisco, Juniper, HP, Sonicwall Support, Linux Support and Backup Server Deployment.

If you need help designing and implementing a redundant fault tolerant Web Server, Mail Server, Database Server and File Server Coho can help from beginning to end. On-site and remote administration including continuing support contracts.

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Network Consulting

Network router Consulting and configuration on Cisco, Junpier, HP and Sonicwall. Full BGP implementations including HSRP for critical applications. We routinely handle complex DS0, DS1/T1, DS3/T3, OC-3 using PPP, HDLC, SMDS, 10/100 Lan, Load Balancing and ACL management configurations.

  • Remote Router Administration
  • BGP
  • IP Provisioning
  • Network Management (LAN/WAN)¬†
  • Security Auditing
  • Fault Tolerant Router Configuration

E-Mail Server Consulting

Design and implementation of high quality Unix bases E-mail servers, gateways and clients using Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail, and Exam. Load balanced configurations for scalability and maximum uptime. We have experience in troubleshooting and solving challenging E-Mail server, and network related problems. Migrating from your current server implementation to a reliable, redundant UNIX based solution is our specialty.

  • Postfix, Sendmail
  • SpamAssassin, ClamAV & Amavisd
  • Migration and implementations
  • Mail Server Load Balancing
  • High-reliability server configuration
  • Disaster & Compromise recovery

Web Server Consulting

Coho can design and set-up your web server on your dedicated server. We can provide the complete package, including setup, administration, and management services for your own dedicated server. This includes the installation of Apache and supporting programs and modules such as mySQL, PHP, CGI, and SSL secure server. Load balanced configurations for scalability and maximum uptime.

  • Apache and Apache 2
  • MySQL enabled server extensions
  • PHP Apache modules
  • SSL Secure Server
  • High-reliability server configuration
  • Web Server Load Balancing

MySQL Consulting

Design and implementation of high availability MySQL and MySQL Cluster installations. MySQL server design, implementation, deployment and management focusing on performance, up-time, disaster recovery, and scalability. Let us help you with our extensive experience in troubleshooting and solving all manner of difficult and challenging MySQL Database and network server related problems.

  • High availability server design
  • Backup Solutions¬†
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Load Balancing and replication
  • Fail-Over Cluster implementations
  • Distributed Cluster